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Record shopping in PA
One of my favorite things to do when i go back and visit family, is to stop by Siren Records in Doylestown, PA and pick up new vinyl. Some of you might remember the charity belt I did with Circa Survive about two years ago to raise money to help keep Siren open. This trip I picked up some records I should have owned on vinyl and never got. I bought, The National "Boxer", Lifetime "Hello Bastards", Joy Division "Love will tear us apart" and Morgen s/t. Finding the Morgen record was a great surprise because I have been trying to find it for a long time and it finally got put out on 180 gram. Still not available on iTunes or via torrent, but it's great 60's psychedelic rock. [gallery columns="2"] Morgen "welcome to the void" Lifetime "monday morning airport" (different record, but still awesome)
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