• reprints and bringing back an old classic again
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reprints and bringing back an old classic again
Within the next few weeks, Paradise Lost by Dan Mumford will be making its return, slightly different than before. Originally it was a 4 color, but it will be a 3 color now as the first print was a one time deal limited to 75 tees. Also, the Master & Margarita is being printed again but on asphalt and a limited number on eggplant. Everything is beautiful Grave tee is being reprinted as well as Life of Pi and Bukowski. Finally, Moby Dick is getting restocked for the holiday season and there will be an online exclusive version on indigo. It will not be limited per say, but will not be sold at shows, only online. Finally, I have added a new page that isn't in the top bar yet, but has a list of most of the books & poems the shirts have been based off of including wiki links or a direct link to the poem to read if you'd like to.
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