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Keaton Henson interview
Got a chance to ask Keaton Henson a few questions about his art and music. Please go check out his site and listen to his record. It's really great! Keaton Henson Website

Over the past year, you have done 9 designs for myself and miles to go(the invisible man, moby dick, life of pi, the illustrated man, bluebird by bukowski, virginia woolf, vonnegut and tell tale heart by poe and the master and margherita) Is there one that sticks out as your favorite and do you feel like your style and personality pairs well with literature?
Ive actually been really pleased with all the designs we've done, but i think i'm particularly pleased with the virginia woolf tee i just did, Im slightly in love with her and was surprised by how much i could reign in my usual grossness in order to try and capture her beauty. i also really like the moby dick shirt compositionally.

I have heard it said that you started doing art as a way to pay to make your music. Is that how you began freelancing? And, how do the two still pair on your list of daily work?
yeah its kind of true, ive always done the two, but never intended for the art to be my day job, i always thought id be doing both but i guess i hoped the music would kick off first.
I find the reactions frustrating sometimes, some people seem to have a real problem with someone doing more than one creative job, and i'm not an illustrator who wanted to have a go at music, im a musician who draws, that most people just happened to see first through the artwork.
I balance the two very distinctly, i tend to work on my illustration from early in the morning till lunch, then write/record songs in the afternoons.

When coming up with an idea for a new piece of artwork, what is your process? Do you always begin using a certain medium like a sketch book, or on the computer?
i use a computer as little as possible. i usually just go straight to paper and start sketching in pencil, then go straight into the final. i don't like to sit around thinking too hard about a design, the first impression is usually the right one, so once ive emptied my brain into the sketchbook its just a case of finding the ideas that dont look like shit and getting started while its still fresh in my mind.

You have done some work with magazines like Front and crossed a lot of platforms into video, t-shirts, a book, illustrating a table, shoes, etc. Where do you see your art going in terms of media and what kinds of pieces inspire you the most?
To be totally honest, i just love to do big drawings in ink. I think ideally i'd just be doing that and exhibiting them. but i still have a huge place in my heart for t-shirt design, its a great medium and how can you not love making people into walking billboards of your work.

When you released your most recent collection of music, you offered the first 120 buyers a hand drawn copy that was personalized. Is that something you would ever consider doing again and was it as overwhelming as it looked?
It wasn't overwhelming, more than anything it was just dull. i spent a good week just sitting in the same spot drawing the covers, not to mention cutting and sewing the cases. But we totally sold out in hardly any time at all, which is rare thing with CDs these days and thats exactly what i wanted to do, so im really happy i did.
and yeah i think ideally id like to always do something like that with my albums, it sends it into the world with a bang too.

Lastly, being a fan myself, do you have plans to tour with your music and is there any chance of seeing you over in the states?
no. I can't play live, i recently played to 2000 people to see if i could. turns out i cant and im firmly back in my cave writing songs again.
I'm hoping to stream some shows online at some point and would love to come back to the US for some reason, but i dont know when.

Keaton Henson - Charon from Keaton Henson on Vimeo.

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