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important change in coupon codes
Over the years, i have always had some 20% of coupons floating around and although none of the codes are changing, they will all transition over to giving FREE SHIPPING on tues 8/21. The reason for the change is so i can continue to price at $25 and not have to do $28 like last season. In the end, it still saves about the same amount of money, but it is a much needed change. So, if you have a coupon code, it will still work but will give free shipping instead. the only people this does not affect are the individuals with custom codes because they have a miles to go tattoo. Those people will retain their 40% off always. Its a change that has had to go into practice for quite a while, but its a better choice than pricing tees at $28. I was not a fan of that. Hope everyone understands.
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