• Poetry Collection up for pre-sale!
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Poetry Collection up for pre-sale!
More than any other product miles to go has been able to do, this is the one I am most proud of. A collection of over 100 different writers who submitted their poems and short stories all collected together in one fantastic collection. This is a pre-order(up for 2 weeks) and books will ship within 4-6 weeks from time of purchase. Coming in at around 175 pages, this book is filled with the brilliant words and ideas of the miles to go community. Book size is 6x9 3 options: 1. Hardcover - hand numbered w/ a personal inscription to you from me 2. Hardcover - hand numbered 3. Softcover version of the book. If you buy one thing this year from miles to go, I hope this is it because its beyond how I can possibly describe it.
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