Photo shoot in the desert/ Invisible Man reprints
Yesterday, we headed out into the desert to Tortilla Flat in AZ to take some photos for the slideshow on this page and also to start doing some 1/2 page ads in magazines. Had a ton of fun and realized I should never be allowed to model for anything. Theres a reason I cut my head out in the product shots, because I always look awkward. But, the girl model (jennifer) from a bunch of the product shots killed it and the pictures were looking great. I will have some pics within the next week to show everyone and some of the silly out takes and hopefully some behind the scenes video as well. In other news, Invisible Man is going to be re-printing on both the coffee color and hoodies within the next two weeks. A lot of people have been emailing wanting the salt and pepper hoodie, so I'm making more. The white version will not be printing again ever, so if you didn't grab one, it is gone for good. There might also be a tank top version as well as two other tanks i will be putting out for the summer. Its been tank season in AZ for a while already, so it is easy to forget that other people have real summers that start in June.