Submit to the miles to go design contest! All profits from the sale of the final printed shirt will go to charity. The charity selected is the Freedom Writers Foundation in Long Beach, CA( All profits will be used to help fund the following programs: · Scholarships for inner-city youth that are the first in their families to graduate high school and go to college · Book donations to classrooms, juvenile halls, war refugees, etc. Contest Guidelines: • create a design at 300 dpi that can be any size up to a max of 14" wide x 20" tall. • design can be graphic in nature or text based saying "miles to go", but the name of the company is not needed. • max colors - 2 i would like to keep the design fitting the miles to go aesthetic of a 1 or 2 color design. this will also keep printing costs down to allow more to be donated. • graphic based designs should focus around literacy, books or anything relating to the importance of literature, e.g. ideas behind fahrenheit 451 and the burning books. • artists wanting to submit a concept sketch may do so before fully illustrating it if chosen as the winner. • submit art to a mock size of the image(1000px tall) is fine for initial submission or posted on the mintees thread Prizes: • $250 paypal sent to the winner with an option to donate it to a charity if they prefer • two printed versions of the shirt • short bio and links on miles to go site and item page, facebook, email list(3k people) Contest info: • 100% of the profits will be donated to the freedom writers. miles to go will not make any money from the sale of the design. Approx $11-15(depends on the shirt stock chosen, colors printed, coupons used, etc) will be donated per shirt. Costs taken out on miles to go's end include the blank shirt, printing & packaging(poly bag/hang tag/ mailer). • deadline for submission is October 15th • once the winner has been chosen, the shirts will go up for pre-sale and the amount sold will be what is printed. this is a one time printing and the artist retains full rights of the image to be used how they like down the road. if the design is wanted to be kept for further printing, details and further payment will be arranged and agreed upon by both parties. • this is a contest for fun and i am fully aware of issues or cries of spec work, but miles to go will not be profiting financially from this, so please only submit artwork if you would like to do it for a chance to give to the charity.