Hey everyone! Miles to go is accepting submissions for Volume 2 of "promises to keep" that will be published as a collection of all of your work! The first volume had over 100 people from all over the world involved and hit 175 pages! Vol 1 had 150 hardcover made and 100 softcover and the goal is to surpass that this time. Submissions run from now through March 1st. Only 1 submission of a poem or short story per person this time. Info below. Please read all of it before emailing. So, here is the deal. 1. Please submit your poem by emailing it to: milestogopoems@gmail.com 2. The file should be either a word document, txt file, notepad, pages, whatever. If the spacing and format is very important to you, please make sure the file is from a word processing program such as word. If double spacing or you have the lines creating a shape, etc, please mention that or else it will be single spaced. Breaks in stanzas should be marked or spaced as such or else i will think its one continuous piece. 3. Include your name in the file document along with the title of the poem(or untitled if it doesn't have one). 4. You will retain all rights to the poem and miles to go will not own it. The book will mention that it cannot be reprinted without permission but its yours to do whatever you'd like with it down the road. 5. All entires will be reviewed, but there are no restrictions on subject matter or language(read point 7 though). 6. Topic of the poem or short story can be anything you want but please please no obvious song lyrics. I write lyrics too and they are easy to spot out because 95% of the time, they don't translate the same way and are meant to be sung with a certain phrasing/ melody. Trust me, i will know. 7. I am pretty open in terms of what is considered art or offensive and if you want to make it graphic or sexual, go for it, but keep in mind that anything promoting hate, racism or sexism will be given the boot instantly. 8. I have no clue how many submissions will be sent in, and the last one was 175 pages, but if we break 200 or so, i may need to end submissisons earlier than intended. 9. I cannot provide free books to everyone involved because its way too expensive and i'm pricing these at a rate where i really don't make any money. Inclusion in the collection will give you a discount coupon that will allow you to buy the books at cost, which will be determined once we have the final page count, pricing, etc. 10. Again, one submission per person. Last time got crazy with some people sending in 5-10 poems and the work load which was already crazy, got really insane. Please go through and make any revisions and edits before emailing your file. 11. There is a facebook group where we all talk about everything and have an open conversation. you may join it by visiting https://www.facebook.com/groups/447169145339038/ Short Stories: 1. Short stories should be no longer than 3-5 pages. I will do my best to include everyone into it, but i need to keep in mind cost and the length of the book to let these books be cheap enough for everyone to afford. Deadlines: All work must be emailed to me by March 1st! So, you have over a month and the goal is to release it in the spring. Stats on Vol 1: 150 hardcover(hand numbered and stamped), 100 softcover over 100 different people from 14 countries prices will be $20 HC/ $12 SC(remember, self publishing at low quantities is expensive.) a pre-sale will happen for these books and last for a few weeks. once the pre-sale is over, they will be ordered and take 3-5 weeks to get. its a long process, but well worth it in the end. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Again, this is being done for fun and because I believe that the miles to go community has something great to say. Please feel free to share this with whomever may be interested. my contact: milestogogreg@gmail.com 623-738-6842 (google voice number) milestogopoems@gmail.com (submission email)